Forex Trader Room

Personal Area (Trader's Room) is a trader's account management panel, a multifunctional web portal for accounting of trading activity of your clients.

Your customers will be able to:

 Open trading accounts in real time

 Fund your account online

 Initiate withdrawal requests

 Keep track of account balances

 Instant Leverage Change

 Change personal data and provide documents

 Produce an overview of trade, deposits, and history

 Start chatting and initiate support requests

Additional advantages include tools for IB: referral links, banner advertising, automatic form of account opening, the ability to withdraw or transfer funds, as well as the history and analytics of IB accounts.

As your brokerage operations grow and develop, you can save a huge amount of time and money by enabling your traders to manage information and data that you would have to do manually. The personal cabinet also allows your customers to make deposits online or initiate a request to withdraw money from MT4 accounts.

All trade issues that require your attention (withdrawal requests, support questions, etc.) will be presented in CRM as a task for one (or several) members of your team. Thus, nothing will ever be lost.MT4 Cloud version of the Personal Cabinet provides an opportunity for all your customers to use the Web and Mobile MT4 application for trading without leaving the browser.