Forex Multi Level IB

Increase the growth and potential of your brokerage activity by using a multi-level IB referral system ( IB inside IB ).The well-known fact is that using IB is the fastest and most reliable way for business development. By offering a multi-level IB structure, your brokerage activity will develop even faster.

Imagine, in addition to the existing IB, your IB will be able to sign another IB, and those IB in turn can sign other IBs and new traders. We call this system a multilevel structure IB. The commission is calculated automatically, following your settings, which are set in the Administrator interface.

Advantages include:

 Attracting significantly more IB agents

 Offer rebate or spread commission

 Reduction of the trader's expenses

This extension of the Personal Cabinet can work as well as with MT4 plug-ins for calculating and commission deposits and using the means of the internal system.